Rethinking Flyfishing – Skagit

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We just have to admit it, leaving politics aside, there is a lot of funky stuff coming over from the USA. Pulsing over the big ocean a rather new “flyfishing- movement” has hit the shores of Europe. An alternative movement which is in the midst of “reinventing” flyfishing or at least how we have perceived flyfishing over the last few decades. Rethinking flytackle and it’s practical use: a never-ending-story 🙂 (more…)

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BalticFlyfisher meets Scottish Salmon Adventure



BalticFlyfisher is happy to announce that from season 2017 we are starting a new business relationship with Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery- better known as “SSFS”. SSFS offers tailored made salmon fishing holidays on many of Scotland’s finest and most exclusive salmon rivers. (more…)

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Hallo(ween) in Austria



Magical things happen around Samhain/Halloween, people say… Well people are right we think, as BalticFlyfisher is bringing magic down to our partners in Austria.


Meet the witch (aka Silja) and the pumpkin (aka Stuart) at Armin Pijawetz´s info-day on 22.10.16. (more…)

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OPST MKII Ostrich Drabs

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Olympic Peninsular Skagit Tactics (OPST) MKII Ostrich Drabs

With the salmon and trout season drawing to a close here in Europe we thought you might be interested in a series of articles about our favourite winter pastime – fly tying. This the first is about feathers – or OPST Drabs. (more…)

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ECHO Dry – Love at First Sight

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Stuart, aka “the tea boy” at Balticflyfisher, asked me if I would to take one of the new 2017 ECHO models on a recent trip to Swedish Lapland. I called by Stuart’s house a few days before leaving for Kiruna to try a couple of the new models. The first one I tried was a 9ft #5 ECHO DRY. It was love at first sight. (more…)

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