They are here !!!!

That’s what I like about my job: when new rods arrive and you can unpack them – its like Christmas and Birthday together. Yesterday was such a day. The new 2014 rods arrived in from the states.



The rods tubes are not round but triangular ūüėé

Verrry niiiice

The colour reminds me of some of my old split cane rods – very retro.


The ECHO Glass Series is available in the following lengths and line weights.

6’3″ Two Weight
6’9″ Three Weight
7’4″ Four Weight
7’10” Five Weight

Each of these fly rods are three piece models and in keeping with the general retro look and feel have a down-locking reel seat.

Available at your local ECHO stockist РNOW. Or click here to contact us if you need help and guidance.


Still in the box

This time the rod tubes are round – with a nymph as logo ūüėé

I wonder how Tim did that …


Cool – thats where the counterbalance weights go…


Stealthy looking graphite grey blank …


ECHO Shadow II – optional competition kit


The optional ‚Äúcompetition package‚Ä̬† includes two 6‚Ä≥/15cm¬† extensions that add extra reeeeach, a screw-in fighting butt and counterweight washers that fine-tune balance. The competition kit is designed so that it fits both rods and it comes in its own little “rod sock” which is fitted with velcro strips to attach it to its big brother. ¬†ūüôā

The ECHO SHADOW II Series is available in the following lengths and line weights.

10’0″ #3 Weight
10’6″ #4 Weight

They are four piece rods with a pretty cool looking nymph engraved on the reel seat.

Available at your local ECHO stockist РNOW. Or click here to contact us if you need help and guidance.

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  1. Mario Corti
    Mario Corti

    Sensationell, gibt es denn schon Preise f√ľr die Glass series ?

    1. Baltic Flyfisher
      Baltic Flyfisher

      Exactly – I was apprehensive “Glass, been there done that 30 years ago” …. I am pleasantly surprised.

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