The ECHO “EsPResso”

The ECHO “EsPResso”




Finally Tim [Rajeff] has made a true extra fast action rod for all us speed freaks, the ECHO E.P.R.

The EPR (Enhanced Performance Rod) has got that very bendy (technical term) tip that makes you in control at a short length of line or even just the leader, and then it stiffens up gradually so the butt only comes into play with lots of line out, lots of speed put in or that big mama at the end of the leader, out where flies seldom travel to.

It’s also very light in the hand, so several times I had to check if it really was recommended for that line-class (I had an #8 weight to test) or not, this gem of a rod just hits home wether on a wind infested flat looking for cruising bones at the edge of range, or throwing big bulky flashflies to the toothy critters of the Baltic.

The cosmetics aren’t to shabby either, a nice black blank and whippings trimmed with dark gold and golden writings adds to the reason it been nicknamed “The EsPResso.

Equally perfect for the fishbum or the big city Hipster 😀


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  1. Stefano Magliola
    Stefano Magliola

    Ma voi rispondete alle email io voglio comprare una canna da Voi e non ho mai una risposta ma devo venire in Germania? Ciao

    1. Lasse Karlsson

      Hej Stefano

      Beklager men mit italienske er rimeligt rustent, sÄ jeg forstÄr ikke havde du skriver, kunne du prÞve pÄ enten Dansk, Svensk, Norsk, Engelsk, Tysk eller Fransk, sÄ skal jeg se om jeg kan hjÊlpe dig


    2. Balticflyfisher

      Stefano, Silja already told you that the ECHO #5 weight Instructor Rod is not made any more. The only instructor rod which is available is the #8 weight and only until we have sold them.

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