Shadow II


Designed by Tim and Team USA’s Pete Erickson, these powerful, moderate- to faster-action “long-light” European-style nymphing rods deliver critical feel and line control with an added bonus: They’ll actually cast a dry fly when you’re feeling dirty.  An optional extra “competition package”  includes two 6″/15cm  extensions that add extra reeeeach without rethreading line, a screw-in fighting butt and counterweight washers that fine-tune balance. Cool

The SHADOW II is available as a 10’0″ / 3,0m #3 weight and a 10’6″ / 3.2m #4 weight, the SH-3100 weights in at appx 3.2oz/91g and the SH-4106 at 3.4oz /96g (excluding competition kit).

Let ’em come …

Available early Spring 2014.

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    1. bff

      Hey guys the Shadow II’s are on their way over from the States and if they dont get held up in customs they will arrive in Europe Wednesday/Thursday :8 …

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