Paddy McDonnell – Guide and Gentleman


We first got to know Paddy a number of years ago at a FlyFishing fair close to Hamburg; Paddy was demonstrating Spey casting and we got talking about fishing (what else) and casting but after that fair we lost touch until a few years later we were booth neighbours at a show near Cologne (where Paddy was once again demoing), we picked up where we left off and haven’t lost contact since.

Paddy McDonnell was born on a small farm near the banks of the River Moy and spent his childhood and youth fishing in the rivers and streams of the West of Ireland. After a short interlude working in England Paddy returned to Ireland and started guiding on the famous rivers, lakes and streams of his beloved County Mayo. Today Paddy has over 40 years’ experience of fishing the rivers and Loughs of his part of Ireland and is in his fourteenth year as a full time Guide/Ghillie.



Paddy is not only an excellent guide, a very skilled fisherman and an above average 1hand and 2hand caster (AAPGAI, FFF and GAIA certified) he is far more, he is witty, mischievous, a perfect host and above all a true gentleman. We are pleased to be able to call him a friend.


If we have whet your appetite and you fancy a fishing holiday with a splash of Irish culture thrown in (Paddy is by the way an accomplished Irish Folk-Music musician), then you should contact Paddy via his website

Alternatively just reply below and we we will be more than willing to initiate the contact for you.

Even if you are not planning a fishing holiday in Ireland just yet its worth browsing  Paddy’s website  or having a look at some of the films on his “YouTube” Channel.

Fheiceann tú in Éirinn – see you in Ireland


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    Rene Königs

    Hi Stui,
    I agree with you 100%. For me he is now a very good friend and one of the best caster and fisherman I have ever met.


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