New ECHO Rods for 2014 …

Here is a short interview with Tim Rajeff talking about the new ECHO GLASS and ECHO SHADOW II rods, the film was taken at the IFTD Show in Las Vegas…



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  1. Hendrik Wiegand
    Hendrik Wiegand

    …maybe the 10,5-4 line shadow is the right stuff for light Belly Boat Action?… 🙂

  2. Pete Erickson

    Hello Hendrick,

    The new Shadow 2 Hybrid will perform nicely for light stillwater float tube fishing! I have extensively tested both rods out on my favorite bass/bluegill ponds and absolutely love the rod action for these species.

    Also, I have fished both Shadow 2’s quite a bit for trout on our Rocky Mountain Reservoirs here in Idaho and Montana, and while they are not designed to throw full sink lines, the new Shadow 2’s do perform well throwing light floating lines on stillwaters.

    The Hybrid features are really cool on these rods.

    1. bff

      Pete, thanks for that qualified answer to Hendriks question.
      For those of you that don’t already know it, Pete Erickson is the “PE” in the ECHO PE SHADOW 8)

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