Have they gone totally mad!

Have they gone totally mad!

When we spoke to the guys at OPST about adding a little more contrast between their Commando Head and their [Kawasaki] green Lazar running line, we were thinking more along the lines of a subtle colouring of the rear loop of the Commando head. I guess we should have known different. Nothing they produce is normal. So what did they do? They produced a PINK ¬†ūüė≥ version of the extremely¬†popular Lazar Line.

This stuff has everything you love about the original Lazar line:

  • practically zero memory
  • extreme slickness
  • durability
  • awesome “shootability”

… but in PINK

We were very sceptical at first and thought this is something for the ladies only BUT our first couple of outings show this stuff not only looks absolutely awesome next to the OPST Commando Heads but the contrast is excellent and the visibility of the line whilst fishing against reflected light is excellent.



If people like it, the guys at OPST will keep it around. If not, they will have about 1,000 lifetime supplies of the little mono loop used on the rear end of Intruders.

But at the moment its looking good, we received our allotted shipment just over a week ago¬†and we’ve already moved over 200 spools of it, so if you want some hurry up and contact your local OPST dealer.

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  1. Andrew Parker

    ¬ŅAssuming a loop-to-loop connection between Lazar running line and head, what is the best knot to use on the Lazar to enable the connection passing easily thru’ the rod rings when landing a fish? Thank you

    1. bff

      Andrew, sorry for not getting back sooner but I was in Ireland chasing salmon …

      OK I use a surgeons knot, if you pull it really tight it beds down quite well. Other salmon fishermen I know use a perfection loop and Lasse tends to use a standard grinner.

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