Hallo(ween) in Austria



Magical things happen around Samhain/Halloween, people say… Well people are right we think, as BalticFlyfisher is bringing magic down to our partners in Austria.


Meet the witch (aka Silja) and the pumpkin (aka Stuart) at Armin Pijawetz´s info-day on 22.10.16. We will bring a selected range of ECHO’s and OPST’s magical flyfishing equipment as well as the new hot shots for 2017. We will be at the casting pool where we will show you how to fish with a Micro/ Skagit set-up and how easy it is to adapt it to your personal fishing water.



If you want to know all the magic behind the Skagit technique then you should meet us at Active Fishing´s “Skagit-Day” on 24.10.2016 on the Enns at Krippau. Here we show you how the potions are being mixed together 😉 We will give you deep knowledge of Skagit and Micro Skagit and how it is being applied on single-, switch-, and two- handed flyrods. We will show how it is done right there at the water. In the afternoon there is time for a casting clinic and a wiggle with OPST and ECHO gear.

Happy Halloween

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