First fish of 2014

Fishing on New Years Day on the opening day of the Swedish Coastal Sea Trout season is something of a  tradition for me, I have been doing it for the past 15 or so years and this year was no exception.

Coast of Skåne – 01.01.2014

I dragged myself out of bed just before 06:00, after only having about 3 hours sleep, and drove out of Copenhagen across the Øresund Bridge heading for the coast of Skåne. There was a decent wind blowing from the S.E – not the best for the section of coast I had in mind and sure enough the 1m waves breaking at my favourite “New Years Day hot spot” forced me to drive further up the coast to another slightly more sheltered hot spot of mine where the waves were only about 0.5m high.

I finally made my first cast of the New Year just before 09:00 and 15 mins later I had my first fish of 2014 😎 …

First one for 2014

… a small bar of silver around 45cm (‘scuse the quality of the picture it was shot quickly with my mobile whilst I was trying to brace myself against the waves).

Well I was off to a good start and the action continued until I packed up about 3pm, after not having seen a fish for about 1.5 hours.

I finished the day with a total of 12 fish, 10 silver and 2 Kelts – the largest was a Kelt of approx 85cm 🙂 , the other Kelt was over 60cm, I had a couple between 45-50cm, however the majority of the fish were  between 50 and 55cm. What with having a hungry wife and kids at home 😉 I decided to keep one of these for the pot.

One for the Pot

All of my fish were caught between 9am – 1pm (approx) and in addition to the 12 fish landed, I had approximately 10 others follow my fly right in below my rod tip, so the water was full hungry sea trout. Consequently it did not seem to matter which fly I used;

I used standard Danish coastal shrimp patterns, Pattegrisen, Honey Shrimp, and Pink and White Shrimps, and took fish on all of them.

All in all a fantastic start to the year.

Happy New Year to you all…



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