ECHO Skagit Compact

Try casting 15ft of lead core on the end of your regular Spey line and you’ll quickly find its not up to the job – enter the ECHO Compact Skagit . Skagit lines were originally developed by the Steelhead freaks of the Pacific North West to get flies in front of fish regardless of environment. These short high power heads have the ability to make a cast in tight confined spaces, which often means the difference between success and failure.


Tim Rajeff’s good friend Tom Larimer guides the mighty rivers of Oregon and Washington and as a pro steelhead and king salmon guide he needed a series of lines that allowed his clients to quickly get the hang of fishing heavy level sink tips and BIG flies. So he spoke to Tim about his needs and together they came up with the ECHO Skagit Compact.

As with any line the shorter the head the more critical the weight; by refining the taper and length of the ECHO Skagit Compact from 23ft/7m to 27ft/8.2m depending on head weight, they’ve created 15 models from: 360grains/25g to 810grains/53g in 30grain/2g increments that ensure you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your favourite rod.

As with all ECHO Spey-Lines the front loop has the line size and line type printed on it for easy recognition. ECHO Spey-lines do not contain softener’s and are environmentally friendly.

Designed by ECHO’s Tim Rajeff with Tom Larimer
Manufactured by AirFlo in the UK
Distributed exclusively by BalticFlyFisher 😎


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