ECHO Edges have arrived

It took a bit longer than anticipated but finally the ECHO Edges arrived a few days before Easter, which was good because it gave us the opportunity to test them.

You can find the freshwater rods here and the Saltwater ones just here. Our opinion? Its subjective of course but they are pretty cool rods …

… the 9’0″ #5 casts like a dream, TR has done a good job on it, its spot on. And as for the EDGE 84’s well they are just awesome. Cant wait to catch some fish on them – well perhaps this coming weekend, we are off to the coast testing rods and lines , ’tis a hard life. See ya.

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  1. bert

    yes Stuart I understand what you mean, last week I was four days on the baltic coast of sweden testing rods and lines and flys every day from morning to evening and what a pity there where fish taking the flies, tightening the lines and bend the rods and all work was gone and we start again testing rods and lines and flies, it is a real hard life – isnt it?
    Nevertheless I hope you will have fun and satisfaction too with this hard job!

  2. bert

    dear Stuart, I have a cast yesterday evening with the “Edge” together with martin – beautifull!!!

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