ECHO Boost Beach – first impressions

ECHO Boost Beach


How cool is this, a short 2 handed fly rod for coastal fishing. Who else could have come up with such a innovative idea as Tim himself. This is THE rod for all coastal 2handed aficionado.

Let me tell you why :

  • The action is just what you want at the coast; Sharp and crisp, which let’s you cast with ease in the toughest windiest conditions and make you feel you are World Champion 😀
  • Light in the hand,
  • Nice short 2hander and ever so responsive
  • Overhead or speycasting no problem, either way – just use your normal coastal outfit or put on a ultra short skagit line for those tight spaces.

Your sea trout will think you are awesome and want to be beached (pun intended) …by you 😀

The Beach is available as a #6, #7 or #8 weight 12’0″, 12′,1″ and 12’2″ respectively and is scheduled to arrive here in Autumn.

This is a MUST HAVE.

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  1. Ralph Hertling

    Are the line ratings referring to the single- or twohanded AFFTA-classifications? Or … what line weights (gram or grain) are they intended for? Is echo-coastlinefishing a overhead, or more a spey/underhand-game?
    Very interesting, indeed. Many thanks for teh information!!

    1. bff

      Ralph, 1hand spec. They are designed as 1hand overhead but of course you can use them as a coastal spey rod as well. //Stuart

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