ECHO Bad Ass Glass

The Echo BAG



Wow…the colour is just awesome. Even though its not pink I would buy this rod just because of its oh so 😎 cosmetics:

  • It is blue, sky blue with a translucent milky touch which underlines it’s characteristic of a glass fibre rod.
  • The handle is kept in the background and classic…you want to see the blue!
  • Stainless guide rings with a low-friction ceramic stripper…to enhance the cold/freshness of the blue.

This is a rod for serious fishing… Serious (serious with a big S) saltwater fishing. The action is well… I don’t quite know what …fast and simultaneously ever so responsive. A great rod for chasing Tarpon from a boat or wading the “flats” of the Baltic Sea for BIG Mammas (that’s what we call BIG Pike up here). One cast and you chuck your big fly right there where you need it. End of story!

I NEED one so badly 

ECHO Bad Ass Glass


The ECHO BAG comes as a 4 piece 9 footer for #8, 9, 10 and 12 weight lines. The retail price is 319.99€ and it will be available very soon.

If you need any more information about this rod or would like to pre-order one then please visit your local ECHO dealer or alternatively contact us.



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  1. GĂźnter Woltermann

    Warte auch schon das mein Händler des Vertrauens den im kleinen Laden hat zum testen

  2. Zoran Marinkovic
    Zoran Marinkovic

    bad ass or bad copy of some other glass brand/color ??? it is too obvious (So Blue ) 🙂

  3. Harald Kautschitsch-Totter

    Ich habe eine 8er BAG zum Streamen auf Hecht und Huchen. Welches OPST System (Running Line, Commando Head und Sink Tips) arbeitet am besten mit der Rute?
    Danke Harald

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