ECHO 3 Fly Rods – well worth waiting for!

At long last the ECHO 3’s have arrived, up to now we have only had time to have a good look at the 9’0″ #5 and our first impression is a good one. In a nutshell – its awesome. Tim Rajeff has done an excellent job, they not only look pretty cool but they feel great; the action is fast (an AA of 72 degrees puts it in the TCR/TCX league!) and lies somewhere between a Z-Axis and a tcx. For those of you who are into CCS here are the CCS values:

Length: 275.5 cm
Weight: 91.85 gram
IP 117.34 gram
ERN: 5.9
AA: 72 degrees
MOI: 73.5 gm²

If you would like the CCS data of any of the other E3’s drop us a mail and we will get it out to you.

You can find a short first cut description of the ECHO 3 freshwater rods just here and one of the ECHO 3 saltwater rods here

If you have any questions regarding the E3’s (or any other of Tims rods) then drop us a mail of give us a call (contact details).

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