ECHO 2017 Line Up

Tim Rajeff has done it again!


Tim has spent the spent the last year hiding in his potting shed designing and tweaking, bending and breaking, and this is the result: seven unique new rods ranging from #2 weight dry fly sticks to #12 weight fiberglass monster tamers.

ECHO Bad Ass Glass


Ready to chase Tuna in the Mediterranean  with a ‘glass rod? The B.A.G. was designed to tackle the last fiberglass frontier: big water and big fish. Perfect for stalking the flats for tarpon, blind casting to bonitos, or chucking dead chickens to pike.  Pure fighting power, meets fiberglass fun.
Available in #8, 9, 10, and 12.  All are 9’0″.
MSRP:  319.99 €




Some things are just faster than others. The E.P.R. (Extreme Performance Rod) was designed by Tim and Pat Ehlers for chasing fish bigger than the average bear. It features a super-fast tip to load easily at short distances and the most powerful bottom half that’s ever been offered in an ECHO rod so you never run out of gas when punching into the wind. Available in #8, 9, 10, and 12. All are 9’0″.
MSRP: 499.99 €




When flawless fly presentation is the name of the game, the DRY is your weapon. True to size, the DRY balances perfectly with a standard-weighted line and loads easily at ‘real’ fishing distances. Finicky trout will never see you coming. Available in #2-6. All are 9’0″.
MSRP: 279.99 €




The ultimate in versatility. The O.H.S. (One-Hand Spey) is the missing link between single-hand and spey rods. Combined with a short Skagit head, these rods allow you to add a double-haul to your spey cast. High modulus graphite makes the rod more efficient while casting and is incredibly light in the hand. The rod comes with a removable fighting butt that can be replaced by a modular 2.5″ / 6.4cm spey bottom grip in case you want to give your casting hand a rest. Available in #6-8. All are 10’4″.
MSRP: 529.99 € 

ECHO Boost Beach


The Boost Beach was designed for overhead casting to surf-dwelling species everywhere. Halibut, pike, bass and sea trout beware: the Boost Beach allows anglers to hit bigger casts with less effort than ever before. Fourty kmh headwind? No problem. Available in 12’0″ #6, 12’1″ #7, and 12’2″ #8.
MSRP: 349.99 €




The Trip is our answer for folks looking for an ultra-compact rod for backpacking, travel, or the backseat. With a smooth blend of action and power, these rods will handle all fishing conditions. The Trip’s 8-piece design fits nicely into a backpack, briefcase or poachers jacket; just perfect for those ‘important meetings’ you can miss. Available as a #5 and #6 “Trout” trip, and an #8 “Salt” trip. All are 9’0″.
MSRP: 329.99 €




The TR received a major overhaul for 2017. A favourite for years, the TR features a fast action and loads of butt power for lifting heavy tips and heavy fish. New for this year are 11’0″ #3 and 11’4″ #4 trout spey rods. True spey actions are combined with an updated, slim diameter grip for improved feel. Brand new cosmetics and new components keep things fresh. Available in 11’0″ #3, 11’4″ #4, 12’6″ #6, 13’0″ #7, and 13’6″ #8.
MSRP: 425.99 €


Check out your local ECHO dealer this Autumn for all of the 2017 products!

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    1. Marty Stoesser
      Marty Stoesser

      Glaube, dass die #8 mit und unseren Hechten schlaflose Nächte bereiten wird. I stay tuned…

    2. Marty Stoesser
      Marty Stoesser

      Bin gespannt, ob der Blank der BAG so ein geiler seethrough Blank ist, oder ein lackierter, wie bei meiner Echo Glass Switch. Bin schon in den Startlöchern.

    3. Balticflyfisher

      Ich weiß es nicht mehr, meine Testrute ist momentan in DK bei Silja…

    4. Balticflyfisher

      seethrough und lackiert. Ich muss sagen gefällt mir echt gut die Farbe 😀 Ich uploade gleich mal ein paar pics 😉

  1. Fab Macintoosh
    Fab Macintoosh

    Great production ! The bad ass glass looks really great , and the skagit one hand is terrible!

  2. Don Hanselman

    How much is the cost in US$?

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