Danish Fly Casting Championships – 2012

The Danish Championships in Flycasting 2012 was held last Sunday in Copenhagen. The weather was brilliant with blue sky and loads of sun to grill the participants not just from Denmark but Sweden as well…
… so who won what?


Nicolai E., Henrik, Lasse, Silja, Nicolai S., Anna, Elisabeth
Category Men:
1. place Henrik Haupt (DK) won in total and is  “Denmarks Mester i Fluekast 2012“.
2. place Nicolai Paasch Eriksen (DK)
3. place Lasse Karlsson (DK)

Category Ladies:
1. Silja Longhurst (DK) won the women’s events and is “Denmarks Ladies-Mester i Fluekast 2012
2. Anna Stenberg (S)
3. Elisabeth Appelgren (S)

Category Juniors:
1. Nicolai Stubbe


Henrik (nearly) fluffed it on the 1hand distance (Silja actually beat him) but he pulled back on the trout-accuracy and walked away with the spey-casting to go on and win the event overall. Silja did the same with 2hand spey-line, being beaten by Anna with a brilliant cast of 42m, but Silja managed to recover in time for the 2hand shooting head and landed a best cast of 44m which carried her through to win the women’s championship.

Well done to all winners and competitors. Special thanks go to the helpers without whom this event wouldn’t have run so smoothly and of course to Lasse for organising the event and posing as a model.



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  1. Peter

    Glückwunsch an Silja und Lasse!!

    1. bff

      Thanks Peter, I will be seeing Silja tomorrow so I will pass on your good wishes.

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