Danish Championships in Flycasting 2011

Yes we have done it again. The trophy stays in the family. This year it was Silja who was competing hard in the #5- full line, #8- shooting head and precision trout category. The reward was blinking in the sun; Ladies Danish Champion in Flycasting 2011. Congratulation!!

In the mens category it was Henrik Haupt taking over the trophy from Lasse Karlsson who had been Danish Champ the last 2 years. On second place we have nobody less than Nicolai Eriksen, Danish Champ in 2006. Babysitting in between Lasse made it to a glorious third place. Hip Hip Hurrray!!

Also to mention the Juniors. Nicolai Stubbe Frederiksen is the new Junior Danish Champion. With his longest cast of 32,4m with the full line and an EchoEdge #5; a 31,1m cast with the shooting head and an EchoIon #8 he sealed his deal. Well done!!

First ever Danish Champion in Double Hand, full line and shooting head is… Nicolai Eriksen, second place went to Per Otosen and third… Lasse Karlsson. Done deal!

Longest casts of the day: Ladies #5 = 27,4m / #8 =28,8m Silja Longhurst. Men #5 = 33,8m Thomas Lang/ #8 = 39,4m Tim Strange. Juniors #5 = 32,4m / #8 = 31,1m Nicolai Stubbe Frederiksen. Two-hand  #13 = 41,1m Nicolai Eriksen/ #15 = 44,2m Henrik Haupt.

The Danish Champs in Flycasting 2011



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