Clave on the Kyll

We drove down to Birresborn with mixed feelings, our apprehension increased the closer we got to the venue; hey this is in the middle of nowhere, we didn’t even have a gsm signal!! Next day we were up early (before breakfast!) to set up our event tent, which of course as tents always do caused major problems; at 06:45 in the morning, temps at -2 and no breakfast Stuart wasn’t a happy bunny!  Eventually I got the #+*?!y tent up, the sun came into the valley, the temperatures rose  and Annelie had organised some coffee and breakfast. Life was beginning to look better. Rolf Renell (the guy who organised the clave) just sort of mentioned in passing “ Stuart dont forget youre giving a demo on Switch Rods at 11:00 … oh didnt I tell you! Never mind I’m sure you will manage”  What! Demo! I’m unprepared! Oh no. Oh yes. Demo we did, at 11:00.  It was the first slot so everyone was looking on, including the Bügermeister and despite the fact that couldnt prepare and I almost stumbled into the casting pool (that would have been a laugh, perhaps I should do it next time?) I think it went off quite well. Later in the day Jup Verstratten demo’ed followed by Paddy MacDonnel (ghillie/guide on the River Moy), Hartmut Klos, Rolf Rennel and Rene Königs, of course they were prepared and they didn’t stumble either.

All in all an excellent day, we meet lots of old friends, and new ones, many of our customers came by just to say hello – I guess that almost half of the visitors came from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and I would say that despite my demo about 80% that tried our rods were interested in Switch Rods and 2Handers.

We left next morning and after saying our goodbyes Annelie decided it was probably better if she drove, which was fine by me because I wasn’t feeling tooo fresh after having a beer or two or … followed up by a couple of Schnaps ( well you just HAVE to try the local booze … don’t you?) at the after clave booze up dinner.

A great meeting. Special thanks to Rolf Renell and his team for organising it, thanks also to Jup, Paddy, Rene, Hartmut and Hardy – but most of all thanks to you guys for coming and making it a great day. See you next time.


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  1. Rolf Renell

    Thanks Stui ,
    well i think you dont need preparations – fly fishing travellers are always prepared 😉 ,
    y did it well and great !!!
    Thanks again for joining the EFFM ,
    see you soon ,
    best ,

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