Casting Heavy Sink Tips

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about casting heavy sink tips (CCT’s) with skagit heads. The first article of the series introduced skagit-type sink-tips, the second spoke about matching Sink-Tip grain weight to shooting head weight, the third gave a few tips on how to determine the correct Sink-Tip length, and the the fourth was about casting heavy sink tips.

We thought this film from Dec Hogan was a good follow up to our articles because it visualises many of the points we have been discussing over the past weeks. 

Enjoy it

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  1. Leo Oras

    Thanks for good instructions. Perfect now when the Seatrout season starts in river Ljungan, Sweden
    Best regards
    Leo Oras

    1. bff

      Good morning Leo – glad we could help. When does the season open on Ljungan? Have you still got snow?

  2. Leo Oras

    Good morning! Deep fishing is necessary! It’s a lot of snow and ice. But possible to fish if it is warmer in the air. River Ljungan opens first March. Hope it will be warmer soon. Se pics on

    1. bff

      Thanks for sharing the pictures Leo. I have driven over Ljungan many times but I still havent managed to fish there 🙁
      No snow left here, in fact its +5C this morning not even a frost, we have had a VERY mild winter.
      You will have to let us know how you got on on March 1st. Have a great weekend.

  3. Leo Oras

    Thanks! I wish all of you a great weekend 🙂

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