Tuning In …

… to the ECHO Skagit Intermediate shooting head.

We get quite a few questions regarding which size (weight) of ECHO Skagit Intermediate to use, in particular compared with an ECHO Skagit Compact. We’ll try and put some light on the subject ….

… one of the first things you will notice when casting one of the ECHO Skagit Intermediates is that these heads loads your rod quicker than a standard Skagit Compact. Consequently, you actually feel you would like to fish a slightly lighter head. As a general rule of thumb, we have found out that you can load your rod with a head 30 grains lighter than you would with a Skagit Compact, perhaps even 60 grains lighter on medium or slow action rods. From a sink-tip perspective, you’ll notice you won’t need to fish such heavy tips as with a floating Skagit head; for runs where you used to use 12ft/3.6m of T-14 you may only now need 10ft/3m of T-10 to get into the “zone”.

Have fun.

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