Organising your Spey Stuff

With all of the ECHO shooting heads, sink-tips and Polyleaders we use for chasing salmon and sea trout, the question of how to organise all of this stuff pops up on a regular basis. The guys at ECHO gave it a ton of thought when designing their current products and packaging.

To start off with, they made it very easy to distinguish the grain weight of all of their shooting heads; there are colour-coded loops (great for quick visual recognition) and if that was not enough they have clearly labeled them with the line type and grain on the front loop.  The rear loop (that’s the one which attaches to your running line) is black and provides a distinct visual break for easy load point identification.


Tim Rajeff and his crew took on the challenge of organising sink-tips and made it easy.  The ECHO Custom Cut Tips are available in a length of either 10ft or 18ft with grain weights of T-7 (white loop), T-10 (orange loop), T-14 (brown loop) and T-18 (black loop).  Each Custom Cut sink-tip comes with a colour-coded loop on one end; the darker the loop colour, the heavier the grains per foot.  So even if you have no idea what weight sink- tip you’re actually fishing, just change to a lighter or darker colour as you need to adjust to specific fishing conditions… It’s that simple.  You can fish these “as is” or cut them down to match specific fishing situations or casting preference.


Another useful tool for organising all your Spey gear is the Airflo Shooting Head Wallet.  It’s a simple soft-sided binder with zip- lock style bags and a Velcro enclosure. We use them when we go to fairs, but also when we go fishing; we have one for every rod we take with us, pre-loaded with the corresponding shooting heads and accessories. Each wallet easily contains your ECHO Skagit Compact or ECHO Skagit Switch and Custom Cut Tips for subsurface work and your ECHO Rage Compact or Scandi Compact and Polyleaders for surface and near surface work.  We also add extra leaders, tippet, flies and other terminal tackle.  That way you’ll never get to the river without the right tools.

HeadBagAll ECHO spey heads are now packaged in the same zip-lock style bags that fit right into the wallet.   Not only helping you stay organised, but it reduces unnecessary waste by eliminating the plastic spools. Plus, the wallet is small enough to fit into a hip-bag, rucksack or your waders.


It’s a great system for keeping all of your Spey gear organised.


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  1. Baltic Flyfisher
    Baltic Flyfisher

    Thanks Dermot Drain, however the credit has to go to Tim Rajeff, Dec Hogan and Tom Larimer for designing them and Airflo the for manufacturing them.

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