Find you’ve gone Rusty over Winter?

Winter is a bad time for for me: Five months lay-off without an opportunity to Spey-cast is no fun particularly if you are are as passionate about it as I am. I dont know about you but I find that this forced lay-off causes casting rust to creep in, you know just like a bicycle chain when its left outside in the rain which ends up stiff and creaky and  doesnt seem to flow. Well thats just how my casting feels like, not as smooth and flowing as before. Rusty 🙁 ….

… I am not talking about the basic Spey casting movements (they seem to be well programmed into my muscle memory) no, this rust causes jerky-not-so-smooth movements resulting in a noticeable amount of power loss on the forward cast. I find that upgrdaing my head weight for a given rod by about 30gr/2g helps me break through the rust, when later in the year I’m back in the flow I can down line again. Try it who knows it might help you throw off the rust.

let us know how you break down the winter casting rust.



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    Hendrik Wiegand

    …rusty?.iam not sure,…because i make my first cast on saturday morning and it works pretty well!….of course with the Echo 3,-904 😉

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