Tim Rajeff on the ECHO Glass Spey

Glass is a great material for two hand rods. The slower recovery of the material will allow the caster to relax and slow their casting stroke down.


Echo Glass Spey

When we were test casting and fishing with these rods we found all of us were using our fast casting strokes we used on our carbon fiber rods. The ECHO Glass two hand rods were OK and would cast the line. The full potential of the rods however were not achieved until we slowed our casts down and then we could feel and take advantage of the nature of fibreglass rods. When we slowed down the rods cast farther with less effort. These are the most fun we have ever had casting and fishing with a two hand rod.

Because the weight of the glass rods is more than rods made from carbon fibre we made them a little shorter. By making the rods a little shorter the rods performed better. Shorter rods tend to achieve less line speed so if you are trying to cast 40 meters these are not the best rod for you. However if you want to grin from ear to ear 😀 whilst you are casting then this is your rod.

We took a traditional handle shape from rods made 50 years ago and use it as the foundation for the shape of all ECHO two hand glass rods. The warm color in the blank is also from rods I used to fish with in the 1960s. I still listen to music from the 1960s and now I can fish with the rod that takes me back to some of those good fishing days.

The ECHO Glass Spey is available as 12’4″ #6, 12’7″ #7 and a 13’0″ #8

Tim Rajeff


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    Anna Kittoe

    Amazing glass rods, our price is right, warranty is great, and our customer service is awesome

    1. bff

      Agree with you on both points Anna …

    1. bff

      Our (ie Rajeff Sports and BFF) customer service is world class and takes some beating. (y)

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      Baltic Flyfisher

      Anna, our (ie Rajeff Sports and BFF) customer service is world class … (y) (y)

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      Jari Koski

      Cheers guys. I’ll start writing a email ASAP 😉

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