OPST MKII Ostrich Drabs

Olympic Peninsular Skagit Tactics (OPST) MKII Ostrich Drabs

With the salmon and trout season drawing to a close here in Europe we thought you might be interested in a series of articles about our favourite winter pastime – fly tying. This the first is about feathers – or OPST Drabs.


Finding the quality materials for tying intruder style steelhead or salmon flies can be a big problem and Ostrich herl in particular can vary immensely in quality and cause the fly tyer a LOT of frustration. The guys over at OPST new that, so a while back they decided to bring out out their own Drabs onto the market. Now roughly three and half years later they have announced the MKII Signature Intruder Drabs.


The original OPST signature drabs were more-or-less the bees knees for intruder style flies but the new drabs are definitely a notch or two above the previous ones. In addition to the improved quality they have also added five new colours (Shrimp Pink, Tan, Dark Olive, Yellow and Lavender) and they have improved the barring dramatically, making them thinner and more consistent. Gone also are the fat black tips.


If like us you like to tie intruder style flies for salmon, sea trout and trout (well more or less anything really) then we highly recommend giving the OPST Intruder Drabs a try. Each packet contains two feathers (Drabs) and they retail in Europe for 12.95 €.  If you’d like some more information then please call in to your local OPST dealer or contact us.

Get spinning those intruders …

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