Give it a try…

Give it a try…

… and we think you’ll be surprised.

Lazar Running Line


I was never a big fan of mono running lines. Way back in the 70’s I used to use Amnesia but despite stretching it and heating it in near to boiling water it still coiled. I found it was far from amnesiac – it always seemed to regained its memory, for me anyway. It drove me mad.  I always felt like the stuff was difficult to cope with; it tangled, it coiled , and was generally a pain in the neck. Something for competition casting I decided but not for everyday fishing. So when coated running lines became readily available I moved over, and didn’t look at mono-running lines again … until about two years ago when Lazar running line appeared on the scene.

I was looking to expand our portfolio with more “skagit” stuff, and being as Lazar was endorsed by no other than Ed Ward I ordered some from OPST and spent a few weeks swinging flies for salmon and sea trout with switch rods and 2handers.  I was impressed, very impressed and at the end of the test period I was converted. This stuff had virtually no memory,  and it shoots like #### … well like a Laser ☺ .

Lazar has a list of features (high knot strength, extremely low memory, high visibility (it comes in kawasaki green or hot pink), hard wearing, low stretch) as long as your arm, which clearly distinguish it from other mono-running lines but in my opinion the #1 benefit is the fact that you have awesome drag-free shootability. 

During my test period I found that casting Lazar and coated running lines side by side was a real eye opener, especially when casting lighter weight shooting heads; at low grain weights, the extra resistance of a coated running line is really noticeable – much more so than with a heavy head.  A 720 grain Skagit head will pull an anchor chain through the rod rings without batting an eyelid, but when you drop down to 350 or 250 or even 150 grains its a different kettle of fish …you feel the head…sloooowwwwiiiiing…down… laboriously…. dra…ging …a… coated… run…ning… line… be…hind …it.

Of course Lazar running line does have some [minor] drawbacks, the main one being a small learning curve in getting used to handling the stuff and sometimes its a bit difficult to hold in very cold wet weather. I have also found that when fishing rivers where I cant wade (e.g. Denmark’s Skjern Å) and have to cast from the bank, I find it better to use a stripping basket (god forbid!) like the Flexi-Stripper to hold the line – this avoids a lot of frustration with tangles in grass or rampant bushes.

Lazar running line has (along with the opst commando heads, but that’s another story) changed my game, enabling effortless casting and making my spey and switch rods feel like totally different animals; light, agile, alive.

Give it a go I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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