ECHO Skagit F.I.S.T

ECHO Skagit F.I.S.T

Some months ago ECHO introduced a new triple density Skagit line. Called the F.I.S.T. for Floating, Intermediate, Sink-tip this Skagit head was co-designed by Brian Silvey (a guide on the Deschutes and Sandy Rivers of Oregon) and Tim Rajeff. When the first batch of FIST’s arrived in the office I had a quick look at them and thought “who the hell needs another Skagit head 😐“after that I forgot completely about them until a few weeks ago when my Dad asked me to give them a trail run.

Despite my initial misgivings I found the FIST was very easy to cast and control. The FIST isn’t really about getting down deep, no its all about control, controlling the fly in fast water and if necessary getting the fly down a bit deeper when the water temperature is low and the fish aren’t so active. In other words perfect for our Spring and Autumn Salmon or Sea Trout fishing 😎.

The FIST has a bright green hi-floating section which makes it very easy to see in either low or reflected light conditions but the real benefit comes as the sinking section(s) dig in and slow down the drift of your fly across the current; I had the feeling that I could just hang the fly on the seam for ages and ages. I cast the FIST with a 10ft FLO-7, and a number of different 10ft polyleaders. I’m sure they will also work fine with the OPST sink tips, but they weren’t available when I was testing the FIST on a recent trip to Ireland.


With the sink-tip season just around the corner you might find the ECHO F.I.S.T a useful addition to your Skagit armoury. Sizes run from 450 grains to 720 grains in 30 grain increments and the retail price is 44.99€. If you need any more information about this line then please visit your local ECHO dealer or alternatively contact us.

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