ECHO Dry – Love at First Sight

Stuart, aka “the tea boy” at Balticflyfisher, asked me if I would to take one of the new 2017 ECHO models on a recent trip to Swedish Lapland. I called by Stuart’s house a few days before leaving for Kiruna to try a couple of the new models. The first one I tried was a 9ft #5 ECHO DRY. It was love at first sight.



We flew out from Kiruna with a helicopter onto the upper Kaitum River; this is dry fly country, the perfect setting to test “my” new rod. Of course I had other rods with me, but I didn’t even string them up.  I used the ECHO DRY all week, and I didn’t want to give it back when the trip ended, unfortunately I had to 😭



What did I like about it?

it looks great, with its semi translucent olive blank especially when the sun is shining.

no need to over line, it matched perfectly with one of my normal dry fly lines.

above all it was the effortless casting and accurate dry fly presentation which finally won me over.




The tea-boy over at BFF tells me that they are expecting the ECHO Dry’s in this autumn, so I wont have to wait long.


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