Our new site is online!

Its not quite finished yet, but we have decided to go with what we have got, the changes/modifications will follow as we go along. Our new web-site is basically split…

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Scottish Salmon Adventure 2018

We have been fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland and Scotland. Although the same species, each country; their people and their very own tradition/culture in fishing for salmon is very unique. (more…)

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Spring Salmonfishing on the river Tay

We have started our salmon season early this year and took advantage of the early opening of the salmon season in Scotland. We fished the river Tay and the river Dee. Two very different rivers in fishing and character. On the river Tay we have been fishing 2 beats: (more…)

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ECHO OHS – One Hand Spey

Tim Rajeff told us way back that he was going to introduce a One Hand Spey rod for the 2017 season and being as Spey/Skagit casting has become a very important part of my fishing enjoyment I was looking forward to getting my hands on one of the se new beasts. So when our box of 2017 samples arrived sometime at the beginning of July I dived in and grabbed the OHS and dissapeared off to my local sea trout stream to give it a try… (more…)

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One for All – The ECHO OHS

Tim Rajeff sent me a sample OHS (One Hand Spey) back last summer, and I used it for salmon in the spate streams of western Ireland last Autumn. I liked it, sure, but it wasn’t until a recent “boy’s trip” to the coast that the versatility of this rod really sunk in. (more…)

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